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Hair Vitamins | 1+1 Free | Collagen for hair |...
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Hair Vitamins | 1+1 Free | Collagen for hair | Biotin, Collagen, MSM, Vitamin C | Promotes Hair...

Zľavu ponúkal: NaturesfinestBabesvitaminsEurope

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Hair Vitamins | 1+1 Free | Collagen for hair | Biotin, Collagen, MSM, Vitamin C | Promotes Hair Growth | Reduces Hair Loss. Are You Seeking a Natural Approach for Hair Health? Does your hair lack luster, showing increased split ends and breakage? Does your hair care routine involve frequent washing, blow-drying, or coloring? Hair problems may seem everlasting, but a remedy is within reach with our transformative Hair Vitamins. Hair Vitamins are meticulously blended, focusing on nourishing your locks, lending them a radiant, robust, and healthy appearance. Key Features: -- Rich in Biotin: Each dose offers a substantial 450 µg of biotin, a well-known contributor towards hair wellness. -- Collagen Infusion: With the inclusion of collagen, experience an additional layer of strength and vibrancy for your hair. -- Vitamin C and MSM: Further enriched with Vitamin C and MSM, indulge in a holistic approach to hair health. -- Natural Ingredients: Be assured with the use of 100% natural ingredients in our formula. Who is This For? Hair Growth Seekers: If hair growth supplements are your quest, our Hair Vitamins, rich in essential vitamins for hair growth, stand as an optimal choice. Battling Thinning Hair?: Women noticing thinning hair can find supportive allies in biotin and collagen, ingredients pivotal in our Hair Vitamins. In Search of Natural Hair Solutions?: Prefer natural hair care remedies? Hair Vitamins emerge as one of the best hair loss products, resonating with your preference for natural, safe solutions. Usage Instructions: For a supportive daily supplement, mix a 5g dose in water, consuming the dissolved mixture promptly. This dosage delivers a robust 450 µg of biotin and a supportive 100 mg of Vitamin C. Safety Reminder: This supplement should complement a balanced diet. Adhere to the recommended dosage and consult healthcare professionals if pregnant or nursing. Ingredients: Navigate your path to healthier hair with ingredients like Maltodextrin, erythritol, hydrolyzed collagen powder, MSM, and more, ensuring a nutrient-rich experience with every dose. Nutritional Values: Per 5g: -- Biotin: 450 µg (900 % NRV) -- Vitamin C: 100 mg (125% NRV) Achieve healthier, more resilient hair with Hair Vitamins. While the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, it's designed to be a supportive part of your comprehensive hair care routine. Embark on your journey towards revitalized and resplendent hair with Hair Vitamins, a consistent companion in your pursuit of hair health and beauty. Note: Ensure to keep the product out of children's reach and adhere to the outlined dosage instructions for optimal results.

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